Creative nebulizer diffuser made of blowing glass and real wood



This diffuser is different from ultrasonic models. It uses 100% pure essential oils without water poured directly into its reservoir.The nebulizer diffuser turns the oils into a dry, gas-like mist. 

The base is made by handmade wood. Color can be customized. Paint is environmentally friendly and passed RoHS certification.

About the sound of this nebulizer diffuser, we improved the construction of the diffuser. It is about 37db. Stay away from the noise complaints.

We offer OEM and OEM service. Color box and products can be customized. Just send the file to us. There are 50 workers in our factory. Our capacity of production reach to 50,000 to 70,000 pcs per month.

Right now we exit this kind of nebulizer diffuser to Europe and US.  Model AC015 is a new items.  Suit for exploiting the market and improving your brand influence.

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