How to get to Canton Fair 2018 spring

By Nina Zhong | 31 March 2018 | 0 Comments
If you are the first time to come to The Canton Fair, you may find something helpful here. I stay in GungZhou for 10years. We will attend the Canton Fair 2018 (April, Spring), some of our customers are the first time to the fair. Here are some traffic tips for the canton fair.
The 123rd China Import and Export Fair 2018 will be held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, with 3 phases during 15th-19th April, 23rd-27th April, and 1st-5th May 2018 


(Canton Fair Hotel guide for exhibitions in our blog)

Here is a map of the canton fair. If you want to take the subway. Xinggandong and Pazhou station are very near. These two stations is belong to line 8.

Canton FairPhase 1 15th-19th April 
·  Consumer electronics &Information products
·  Electronic and electrical products
·    Household Electric Appliances
·  Machinery   
·  Hardware & Tools
·  Energy + Resources
·  Chemical Products
·  Building Materials
·  International Pavilion
For the Phase 1 , Xinggandong station is the best choice. It is nerest!

Phase 2 23rd-27th April
·  Consumer Goods
·  Gifts
·  Home Decorations
Phase 3 1st-5th May 
·  Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products
·  Medical Devices and Health Products
·  Food
·  Shoes
·  Textiles & Garments
·  International Pavilion
For the Phase 2 and Phase 3, Pazhou is the best Choice.
So, how to get to the Xinggandong and Pazhou?
It depends on where you star off.
Air to GuangZhou. You just need to take the subwy.
Take the Line 3 from air s, when you get to Kecun, change the Line 8(Wangshengwei direction´╝ë then Xinggandong get off the subway.
Canton Fair
Canton Fair
Also you can take Taxi, but a little expensive.

You can wite down your requirements here, we will give you some guidance of Canton Fair.

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