Chinese zen Buddhism essential oil diffuser RW025

By Anna | 03 April 2018 | 0 Comments
essential oil diffuser

  Enhance the aroma of any room with scented mist and prevent dry air, cold germs and bad odors using Chinese zen Buddhism essential oil diffuser whisper quiet essential oil diffuser.

  Simple and delicate design, decorate any space and boost the atmosphere with our astounding real wooden essential oil diffuser. Colorful LED colors with perforated lid create a mesmerizing effect whether it’s in your home, office or spa.

  ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHT. You can choose the colors you like. First press of the light switch: gradual change among the 7 colors. Press twice: red light, third orange, fourth yellow, fifth blue, sixth green, seventh off.
  This zen essential oil difuser with beautiful handmade real wood basis, Waterless auto shut-off, 90mL water chamber, 145X145X65mm, intermittent misting for longer misting.

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