Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

      100 ml Aroma lite diffuser with competitive price

      Item No.: 100A
      This Aroma lite diffuser made by PP(BPA-FREE). With the competitive price it sold very well in 2017. You can oem the diffuser and the color box.

      Aroma lite diffuser
      This aroma lite diffuser is portable. The dimension is 4.13(L)*2.99(H)*2.68(w) in.
      The color box dimension is 5.7*4.33*2.99. One 20 - foot cabinet can install about 20,000pcs.
      The capacity is 100ml. Mist output is about 15ml per hour. The diffuser can work bout 8 to 12hour with once water adding.
      So, you can enjoy whole night well sleeoping.
      With the usb-cable, it is very convenient to use. 
      A wate cup come with the aroma lite diffuser.
      7 Coloful led light for your chioce.
      Two working model: continue and intermission。
      Quality guarantee
      One year

      Any inquirements, please feel free to contact us.